Deductive Approach In Foreign Language

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CRITICAL RESPONSE TO READING Shaffer, C. (1989). A comparison of inductive and deductive approaches to teaching foreign languages. The Modern Language Journal, 73(4), 395-403. Review of the article Constance Shaffer conducted this research to compare how inductive and deductive approaches are assorted. This study aims to define the ability of high school students’ learning foreign language based on the grammar concept be contingent on the inductive and deductive attitudes. The participants have been selected 319 high school students for this study (152 girls and 167 boys) from three poles apart high schools in which there are two public schools and one private school. The age of the students ranged from thirteen to eighteen years. Among of three schools are presented by school H, there are 216 total of participants were selected, in which two French teachers with a total six classes (a class from seven teen to twenty-nice students) participated, and three Spanish teachers with a total of eight classes appropriated apart. School M, eighteen apprentices were designated; one French and Spanish teacher, each with two classes, joined in the study. School P was a secluded school, and most of the students do not contribute in the foreign language program. Foreign language class rang from nine to thirteen students, and one Spanish and two French teachers are convoluted in the study. The timing of each division of the study rest on when the grammar point was taught by the
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