Qualitative And Deductive Approach

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Two research approaches are there which includes inductive and deductive that can be used the researcher for collecting data and analysing it. The selection of the approach is dependent on the nature of the study that is qualitative and quantitative (Kumar, 2010).

Deductive Approach
Deductive approach is also known as top down approach that emphasise on the shifting the general perspective to the specific one. The focus of this approach is to make the researcher able to relate theory regarding topic with the aim of the study. For this purpose, the researcher focuses on making use of development of hypothesis. Moreover, in order to create hypothesis, the observations are collected in order to narrow down the scope of the study. Specific
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Particular points are focused in this approach instead of general points. Different methods are used in inductive approach for collecting data, which includes surveys, experiments, interviews, and observations. Under this approach, effective analysis of the primary data is provided which further helps in obtaining reliable and effective conclusions. This approach is used for qualitative studies because of which it is considered as appropriate for this considered study (Kuada, 2012).
Research Design
Various research designs are there that can be used by the researcher for analysing the collected data. The selection of the design is dependent on the nature of the study that is qualitative and quantitative.
This is the research design in which the research is collaborated by making use of time as an extensive tool. Different processes that are observation, interview, and recording are considered in this research design. For the purpose of gathering information, the researcher focuses on the use of observations. Ethnographic research design involves interpretation of gathered data to make sure that effective results are achieved. This research design is not used in this study because interview or observations are not used for collecting data (Kothari,
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Moreover, the point of the quantitative investigation is to evaluate the gathered information through the accumulation of essential information. In the investigation of this nature, the findings are summed up for a bigger populace with the examination between group and organisations. In addition, the quantitative investigation empowers the analyst to find the reality with respect to the procedure of helping in impression of conduct of individuals (Blessing & Chakrabarti,
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