Deductive Reasoning In Reasoning

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A good reasoning is a reasoning that leads to certain, true and valid conclusions. There are two kinds of reasoning, inductive and deductive reasoning. Both processes include the process of finding a conclusion from multiple premises although the way of approach may differ. Deductive reasoning uses general premises to make a specific conclusion; inductive reasoning uses specific premises to make a generalized conclusion. The two types of reasoning can be influenced by emotion in a different manner because of their different process to yield a conclusion. I will be exploring how emotions can influence good reasoning through areas of knowledge such as ethics and history. For example, in ethics, we always struggle to make moral decisions and we try to achieve the best decision with a good reasoning. During the process of decision making through reasoning, emotions can be both beneficial and harmful. For instance, I used to be against the idea of abortion, because I felt that every human being has a right to live. My reasoning against abortion used to be that: Killing people is wrong. Abortion kills fetus. Therefore abortion is wrong. However, emotions can intervene in our premises to change our conclusion. When the news of a student nearby who was pregnant with a rapist’s baby struck me, I sympathized with that girl. I felt that the baby would become a burden to her, because she has no economic means to support the baby and it would be painful for her as the baby would be
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