Deductive Research Methodology

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Research methodology
Introduction of methodology
Research can be defined as process of steps used to collect and analyze information to increase our understanding of a topic or issue (JW Creswell, 2007). In the research methodology we describe about the demographic of the study sample and outline. We use the inductive and deductive research to see the certain phenomena and to relate it to the reasoned conclusion by logically generalizing from a known fact. We also use qualitative data by interviewing and secondary data as well. The qualitative data will result the problem statement in order to gain the answer for this issue. By using the research philosophy we construct the research approach by using the constructivism philosophy which focusing
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It is relate to reality socially constructed and designed by participant observation, instructed interviews, action research and case study. By using this qualitative data, we try to interview those who living in Malacca straits area, including seafarer, shipping workers and fisherman who are familiar with the situation of Malacca Straits. The respondent was been chosen randomly by their experience. As well as the secondary data we also find the information through website, journal, books and newspaper that we cited in literature review above regarding the poor shipping practice that lead to marine pollution especially in Malacca Straits.

Research instrument
I. Problem statement
Poor shipping practices are leading to massive marine pollution and damage in Malacca Straits.
The marine pollution and damage that happen in Malacca Straits is due to the weaknesses of shipping practice, this problem is one of the biggest threats to environments.
II. Research question
How the poor shipping practices contributing to the massive marine pollution and damage
What the level of the accident or any other circumstance due to the poor shipping practice that bring to the marine pollution and how much their effect the environment.
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V. Data collection
a. Primary data
Make an interview with those who experience the Malacca Straits area and the actual situation
b. Secondary data
Researching by book, journal, newspaper, literature review regarding the poor shipping practice and the area of straits.
a. Interview and questionnaire
b. Library sources
VI. Methodology and data analysis
This include interviewing those who living at Malacca straits area, seafarer, fisherman and who involved in the accident and incident that lead to marine pollution an Malacca Straits and also the indoor research about finding the information relate to marine pollution due poor shipping practice, before analyst the result.
Analysts the data, result of interview, questionnaire and secondary data to get the accurate result of the research.
VII. Potential outcomes
List of the contributing factor of poor shipping practice that cause the marine pollution and damage at Straits of Malacca. Indentify the effect of poor shipping practice and little bit about the solution to prevent the level of marine pollution and damage getting

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