Dee Ann Sifuentes Case Study

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Dee Ann Sifuentes (picture unavailable) of Sidney Sugars has been an employee since September of 1977. When Sifuentes first started at the factory, she began on the beet end of things. Her duties included overseeing the beets come in as well as extracting the juice.
“When I first started working for Sidney Sugars 38 years ago, there were only 7-8 women that worked here. Now there are 61 female employees at the factory out of the 251 that are employed here,” said Dee Ann when asked about changes in the factory over the past 30 years. “There has also been an addition of new silos since I first started.”
When Dee Ann first started at Sidney Sugars, she talked about how back then they used to pack and load the sugar by hand. Typically only filling 5-10 lb. bags with sugar and hand loading them into trucks. “Now we have forklifts and
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Another employee who has been at the factory since she was child, visiting her father who was a watchmen at the time, is Gloria Sifuentes. Gloria used to watch her father make his rounds and loved helping him make them, and even as a child she couldn’t wait to work at the factory. “I thought the factory was fascinating as a kid,” said Gloria.
Sfuentes now works at Sidney Sugars as a white boiler, which means that she boils the juice from the beets to a certain consistency so the beets drop white centrifugals, which get cut
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