Deep Ocean Erosion

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Hurricanes can destroy homes and cities, even obliterating entire countries. It destroys our habitat but what does it do to affect the habitat of every other animal on earth?
Hurricanes can mix saltwater with freshwater causing animals in the water to die because they aren’t adapted to living in the different type of water. Floodwater can also retreat into lakes, bringing in more toxins and killing off the remaining animals still in the water and all the animals that dare to drink the toxic water. Sediment erosion can affect coral reefs and oyster beds causing even more deaths. They also cause erosion on land, destroying most animal’s habitats and even leaving some islands underwater. Forests become destroyed and force animals to relocate, if they were able to survive the hurricane.
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My first question is if erosion is the biggest problem to ecosystems. I learned that (at least for Hurricane Matthew) erosion was one of the main problems. Another question I have is whether deep ocean creatures are affected by hurricanes. Deep sea creatures that are territorial or are slow-swimmers are guaranteed to be dead but some creatures can swim away. The final question I have is: How are deep sea creatures affected by hurricanes? Hurricanes can spin up sediment and kill coral and animals like that. They also cause there to be less dissolved oxygen in the water, making it hard for them to breathe and take in
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