Deep Sea Jelly Fish Research Paper

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There are several interesting underwater animals in the earth 's oceans. Several of them have only recently been discovered. Some like the zombie worms have baffled scientists. Others like the deep sea jellyfish have just shocked scientists. Then, there are some like the yeti crabs, which have just confused scientists with how they survive in the hydrothermal vents near Antarctica. Though some people see these just as deep sea animals, they are very interesting and provide so much information. Zombie worms live on the bottom of the California coast and they thrive on whale bones. These are bones “which drift down to the ocean floor and contain a rich source of nutrients” (Ennis). Although the worms extract the nutrients from the whale bones, scientists did not know how, due to their lack of “body parts for physically drilling into the hard material” and absence of a mouth and gut (Ennis). Instead, it turns out, the worms have special root-like structures that attaches to the bones and dispenses an acid that dissolves the whale bones and extracts the nutrients. Although, the zombie worm is not the only interesting deep sea creacher. The deep sea jellyfish for example, are just as fascinating as the zombie worms. They live about 820 meters below the surface of the ocean (Jonssen). They do almost nothing, besides eating, swimming, and living.…show more content…
“It’s very hot and cold at the same time... water spewing back out of the vents’ chimney might reach 700 degrees fahrenheit” (Bliss). This has made deep sea scientists very bewildered, because there are deep sea “yeti crabs” surviving in the harsh environment. They are called yeti crabs because they have hairy legs and chests. Scientists are not sure what they eat, but they believe they eat the bacteria that grows on their hairy legs and chests (Bliss). All of these deep sea animals are very interesting and hold so much
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