Deep Symbolism In Ernest Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants

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Oftentimes in stories, authors disguise deep thoughts and details into broader topics. They try to get the reader to actually think about what they are reading, and ponder upon the deeper, more sensitive things of life. Certain authors have a way of working deep thoughts and ideas into simple stories. This idea is known as symbolism. Symbolism is defined as “the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities.” So many times, one reads a story, and only sees what is right in front of them, but other times, they notice much more depth to what they are reading. This is most often used in short stories, and every single small detail is crucial. In Ernest Hemingway’s, Hills Like White Elephants, there are many secrets and deep details hidden into this story that all point to the very sensitive subject of abortion: this subject is disguised in the elephants, the characters’ drinking habits, and the landscape. The whole story in itself represents abortion. During the beginning, the American man and Jig are eating and heavily drinking, and they are having a disguised discussion about Jig’s possible abortion. Although since they are in a public setting, they are speaking in code, in hopes nobody around them understands what they may be possibly speaking about. The man is all for Jig having an abortion, but he wants it to seem as if…show more content…
Hemingway used a simple story to hide a deep, sensitive message for his readers to discover for themselves. He wanted people to put more thought into reading his story, therefore he left it up the oneself to discover hidden messages. Hemingway hid clues of abortion through the usage of white elephants, the drinking habits of the two characters, and the landscape. Never once did he straight up tell the readers that the two characters were having a secret, coded discussion about abortion. Things are not always what they
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