Analysis Of Deepak Chopra´s Timeless You

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Time is an illusion of the mind. It exists only in our minds. Change creates this illusion of time. Bases on this fact, we can presume that aging is also a concept of the mind.

Deepak Chopra, an Indian-American physician, public speaker, and author, devised an online program, 'Timeless You' that aims to eliminate the poor models of aging and create awareness for the connection between the mind and aging.

Society and our ancestors have imposed on us the belief that getting old entails pain, inactivity, and intellectual decay. In his program, Deepak Chopra, integrates step-by-step routines to annihilate and change this false model of thought.

'Timeless You' thrives on the concept that our soul/spirit is timeless, and our thoughts control our bodies. The course seeks to help achieve exuberance, curiosity, fun and holistic health characteristic in kids and the youth.

Deepak Chopra contends that prolonging productive and lush
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"Timeless You" is an online based program consisting of six courses each running for about 30-60 minutes. The courses include changing perceptions, healthy relationships, youthful mind, mind-body connection, joyful exercise and mindful eating.

The first topic, 'Changing Perceptions', is the most important as it forms the foundation upon which the other parts of the program are built. 'Changing Perceptions' is established on the premise that "what we see/think/feel, we become." If you see your body as a piece of flesh that decays, then that's how you'll feel, and the body will express it. Likewise, if you see/feel youthful, the body will express itself that way.

'Youthful Mind,' the second course, integrates games and exercises to rekindle the curiosity, joy, and fun we experienced as kids thus keeping our 'inner child' alive.

The program then goes on to show how to build healthy relationships and how it can lead to more meaningful and longer life. You'll also learn how to rid yourself of toxic
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