Deepika Padukone Film Analysis

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On March 28 2015, Indian movie star and supermodel Deepika Padukone unveiled the inventive short film, “My Choice” that promoted female empowerment. This piece was a pacific retaliation to the multiple gang rapes that have occurred over the years in India. The specific rape that made the global headlines was that of 23-year-old medical student Jyoti, who was brutally violated and murdered by six men on a bus. A BBC documentary entitled “India’s Daughter” covered this story and its aftermaths. These two insightful pieces have made use of various persuasive tools to convey their messages and push their audience to act upon it. “My Choice” is very rich in language. The various words that describe clothing, love, sex, nature, and spirit bring meaning to the message and influence certain views on culture. The message is directed to a female audience. The video shows varied aspect of Deepika: fierce, beautiful, proud and independent, to put across the message of women empowerment and the power of choice. It also features 99 women from different walks of life that are depicted by their choices. The language reveals that culture is about choice, and the individual has the potential of creating their own realities and truths. In this video, the language used to describe traditions that indicate marital status say a lot about culture.” Bindi on my forehead, ring on my finger”. The Bindi is a powder put on women’s forehead to show that they are married. this is hindu culture. The

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