Deer Behavior Research Paper

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Generally speaking, deer hunting season requires bundling up for cold weather, but what happens when unseasonably warm or even hot weather persists in the early to mid hunting season? Deer behavior will change and your best hunting times will differ. Mastering the art of hunting in warm weather conditions can help you avoid this annoyance. And if we are really going through some kind of global warming, you 'll be ready to adapt to it. Typical Deer Behavior In Hot Weather Conditions Whitetail deer do not care for warm weather, especially early in hunting season, because they have already grown a thick winter coat. As a result, they get into what can be called a "moping stasis" behavior mode. This means they are going to be limiting their…show more content…
As a result, they will start eating a lot to prepare for the difficulty fasts common in winter. This will make them a little fatter, a little slower, and a lot easier to track and shoot when you spot one. Deer Desperation In Crop Failure Extremely hot weather late in the season can cause a variety of crop failures. As a result, deer might be extremely desperate to eat and may take risks they normally wouldn 't take, such as crossing an open field to find food. This is when baiting properly is so crucial. Think if it as similar to winter fasting most deer suffer through when the weather gets too cold. And take advantage of it by putting up bait piles near obvious deer paths and buck scrapes. While deer behavior won 't change incredibly drastically during hot weather seasons, it is still important to change the way you hunt and when you go out. But if warm weather still leaves you struggling to find good deer to hunt on your own land even after following this tips, turn to Land
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