Deer Camp Research Paper

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I woke up at six o’clock in the morning and was too excited to go back to sleep. I really tried to go back to sleep, but my heart rate was too high. I got really bored just lying in my bed, so I decided to go wake up my dad. I walked to my mom and dad’s room and gave my dad a light touch on the back. His response was,” Go Back to bed it’s too early.” So, instead of going back to bed, I went downstairs and watched T.V for an hour and a half. After that, my dad finally came downstairs and we were ready to prepare for Deer Camp. In order to prepare for Deer Camp we first need our bags with warm clothes. It gets very cold in the mornings and we don’t have very strong heat because we are in the woods. Second, we need to get all of our camping supplies that we need, which is all organized and in totes. Third, we need both of our four wheelers and all of our guns that we take to hunt deer. Fourth, we need our Chevy truck and our box trailer. After that, we throw everything into the trailer and we are ready to start our journey to McArthur, OH. It takes around two hours to get there and it is a very small town. When we get to the other side of town, there is a long gravel that we drive down. If we are driving and we see a deer on the way down the road, that means that we will have good luck when we go out to hunt. When we get to the end of the road there is a circular clearing with four trailers parked in it and a fire pit. Once we unload, my cousin, Emma, and my friend Luke get on our four wheelers and explore the one hundred acres we have. Once we got back, we usually have dinner and talk around the campfire. After that, we all go to bed. I used to get up really early…show more content…
For example, we cut down a tree, made new trails, tore down a dam that a was made by a beaver, and got all muddy form a mud fight. I learned my lesson that day, but it was still one of the best days of my
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