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My choice of a future in the Human Resources Industry came from my meticulous skills in organization and planning as well as my leadership abilities. I have devoted a large amount of my high school career practicing these traits as a Social officer of the Deer Park High School’s Deer Escorts. My course load, including three college-credited classes, and commanding role on my drill team has taught me the necessary characteristics of punctuality, self-discipline and notability needed to function not only in the continuation of education but also in my career path. Although I remain a high school student, I have acquired the feel of college and the essentials needed to be successful through the three dual-credit classes I have engaged in, in the duration of my junior and senior year of high school. I feel as though these classes differ from high school courses because they are more rigorous and require one to be self-disciplined and prompt with their …show more content…

My membership alone has taught me the balance and compromise needed when working with other people and participants of the same association. Being an officer, however, has heightened my experience because it has given me the opportunity to lead and command. I know this will help prepare me for future applications. This role has also shaped and defined my skills of arrangement and design. As a Social officer, it is one of my many duties to plan events and celebrations and to make sure that they are carried out magnificently. Planning outside, extra curricular occasions have also helped me build a strong knowledge of how to manage my time effectively. This expertise will allow me to be prosperous in my career because I will be conscious at all time of just how and when projects, events and other arrangements must be

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