Deer Hunting Descriptive Essay

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The air is brisk, with dew all over the grass and trees. The time of the year is the middle of November, during my favorite part of the year, hunting season. Now in Oklahoma, the weather is normally around the 20’s and 30’s, but this particular morning the air temperature was two degrees. This is a great sign for deer hunters, when I wake up I check the weather for that morning. From the temperature, wind, and precipitation, everything was absolutely perfect. I wake up to my alarm screaming in my ear telling me to get up its time to go deer hunting. It is 3:30 in the morning, as I peek out the window and see that the snow is beginning to fall. After getting dressed, I go into the den to grab my bow and get ready to head out the door.…show more content…
I hang both of them in the tree, bow to my left and bag to my right. As soon as I see just a glimpse of the sun peaking over the ridge, I start hitting the grunt call and rattle the antlers pretty hard. It could not have been but 30 minutes after I hear rustling of the leaves to my left. I slowly reach to my left to grab my bow, I reach to grab the string with my release, on my wrist. Then, I had a bead on him, he was the big eight point walking from the upper trail down to the lower one. This is exactly how I had hoped for in a good deer hunt, I draw back, and I aim just behind his right shoulder.
I fling the arrow into the air; it cuts right into the spot I had aimed for on the big buck. The arrow went right through the big buck’s side; he took off running at a dead sprint through the rugged brush in the woods. Excitement was building as a tracked the huge buck, at one point I thought I lost him. I stopped for listen for any movement from the buck; I could hear the pounding from my heart, and then a huge crash about twenty yards in front of me. It was then that I knew I had finally gotten the large buck, the first one of the
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