Deer Hunting

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Even in today 's culture a boy is more accepted after he shoots his first animal and puts food on his family 's table. As a young twelve year old boy I was determined to do this at the hunting shack in Wisconsin. My uncle was my mentor on how to kill a deer. The night before he told me everything to do and I listened until my brain could hardly take any more information in.
The very first day of deer season my uncle wakes me up at a very early hour. He then informs me I will be sitting in my own deer stand about half of a mile from the shack. I first bundle up in a sweatshirt, wool socks, orange bibs and an orange coat. Then I start walking to the deer stand. Mother nature seemed to want to punish all hunters on this day because the
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Once on the ground i reload my gun again in case i see a deer on the half mile voyage back to the shack. As i walk from my stand to the trail i walk as quietly as possible. When i get to the trail i see a massive turkey sitting in a bare oak tree and once the turkey sees me he flies off nearly breaking some branches. After that i do not see anything for the rest of the way to the shack. When in the shack my uncles son is there he is sitting in one of the three wooden chairs at the table. After warming up for a little while i make a sandwich and play cribbage with my uncles son. Then at two o clock I step out on the stairs to the shack and load my gun and make the trip back to my stand. While walking to my stand i see nothing but the trees. Also at my arrival to the stand there are no birds or squirrels present. To make sure no deer are standing by the apple tree i look around the mid sized spruce tree and seeing that no deer are there i unload the gun climb up the ladder and reload ny gun again and sit down on the metal folding chair in my stand. Time passes by without seeing any animals and then at sunset two does and one fawn creep by the apple tree my heart start beating like a drum the cold weather becomes hot. I very slowly rest my gun on the rail kneel on my chair peek through the scope and very carefully place the crosshairs on the doe that does not have a fawn. When the crosshairs are on directly where the deers vitals are located I very slowly squeeze the trigger. After the shot the deer takes off. Then I sit and wait in my stand for only twenty minutes but it feels like years. After the twenty minutes pass I get up and go look for the blood trail. I first start right where I shot the deer and then walk in circles out farther and farther from where
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