Deer Hunting Narrative

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as we race to the woods at 5 in the morning to shoot a deer, this was my very first time going hunting I was very excited be cause I had just go my 243 and was ready to shoot a deer. We went to the woods next to my cabin and we took out the guns and loade.
When we got to a place where there were lots of beaten down runs we found a log that was next to a dead tree I placed the rifle on my lap and watches for and little movement, then an hour later we heard some sticks breaking. I pulled the sicht next to my eye and was looking all over with the scope and there was a giant squirrel.
The next day we went to the woods next to my cabin and sat there until breakfast was ready and we had some bacon and eggs. Then we went out to the woods again and we saw lots of squirrels but still no deer.
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That was the last day of deer hunting so we went out to eat at roosters the next day for breakfast and it was
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