Deer Hunting Research Paper

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Recently Owen Aerts has been hunting. Owen had shot a 6 point buck. He went hunting to manage the deer population in Lakewood Wisconsin where there was a lot of deer hunters out in the woods on that day ,but Owen got a buck. A lot of people just went out in the woods and sat next to a tree. Owen Aerts was hunting on november 21st in Lakewood at approximately 7:30 AM. There was a chill to the cold November air. The sun was peaking over the trees. The leaves crumbled under every step the deer took. It was as loud as an elephant walking.We can only imagine Owen getting down on one knee with his gun. Bang. The bullet hit the deer like an asteroid.Then Owen shot a six point buck. The buck was following the doe’s that came into the bait pile a few minutes before. This is not Owen's first buck ,but he still got excited. Owen shot the deer once ,and it ran a little. Then it died…show more content…
In a survey that was taken in 2015 we asked why people hunt. Caleb Karner a deer hunter Stated “I do this because it is fun, for the meat, (and) to manage the deer population also to spend time with family.” Calebs and many others hunt because of these reasons. Some hunters don't do it for the meat. Some hunters just do it for a trophy. “I love it and it has been a tradition in my family to hunt,” said Sydney Johnson. What some readers may not realize is that hunting is like another holiday for hunters. Many people can't wait for hunting to start. This is because they love the sport. Owen and many others hunt to manage the population of the deer and for the meat. They do this so there is enough food in the woods for the deer to survive. We asked Owen why he does this and he said “I do this for the enjoyment ,and joy of being in the wood also my family eats the meat.” Hunters also pay for their tags and this money is used to manage the land for the deer. Now you see why it is so important to hunt for the land and for the
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