Deer Observation

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The dog won 't bark. While we 're sitting in our blind waiting for a deer. It 's cold, dark, and the smell of deer urine is in the air. Me and brutus (my dog) have been sitting here for about 3 and a half hours and the only deer i 've seen has been the john deere green. As brutus sits here looking at me i can feel the boredom from brutus. I can only wonder what he 's saying in his head. “I wish dawson wasn 't sitting here waiting on a deer and take me home feed me and show me all of his attention” is all i can think brutus is saying. As i start to almost give up on waiting any longer i hear the slightest of movements. The air was so still at that point you could feel the earth moving, not one sound not one movement the earth seemed to be on…show more content…
The look of trust, the look of we 've got one, as he slowly walks toward the sound we heard he starts to point me in the right direction. I stand up now the air feels like weights and thick i can move the air out of my way. As if it was a thick fog, we slowly walk slower than time can move at this point. As i come around a tree i see what i have been looking for all day. A deer i get my gun ready, which feels like dead weight, as if i had to pick up a bag of bricks. I look down my sight the noise was to much as the deer slowly picks his head up looking towards me. Brutus is laying down at this point as if he is a military person ready for war. But out in the sticks with my thirty- aught- six looking down the barrel seeing a goal. The goal is so far but yet so close all i have to do is pull the trigger. Brutus waiting in anticipation, waiting for me to do my job so he can do his. I pull that trigger and faster than the bullet comes out brutus is already at a dead sprint for the deer a 190 pound body bag running faster than bolt himself, hits the deer with every bit of weight brutus has by this time the bullet has hit where i 've wanted it to. Now brutus can claim the prize he has been after almost being a bodyguard over the deer. Like it was one of his sons. As i look at brutus, he looks back at me and the only thing he can be saying at this point “that i got a raw deal now time to go home and do the real work” so we do what weve done before brutus drags the deer back and i take us home to have a good night sleeping eating and giving brutus the biggest bone i can find.before i give him the bone he deserves i tell him, “i love you boy as if you were my own kid” and the looks he gives back i know he 's thinking of me as his dad. I swear brutus loves me just because he gets a bone but everyday he gives me the same look as he always does waiting for another
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