Deer Overpopulation Research Paper

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Deer are very common animals that can be found all over the United States. There are so many deer in certain areas that they are now seen as overpopulated. The large amounts of deer can be a danger for everyone on the road since they are involved in over 23,000 car crashes each year. They also commonly eat and damage the crops on the farms of rural areas. The main problem to this overpopulation is that it threatens the environment. Some people believe that the deer overpopulation can cause more damage than climate change in certain areas. Deer are now seen as a burden and a danger to the environment and the state governments are now in charge to solve this problem.
“I now suspect that just as a deer herd lives in mortal fear of its wolves,
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The most obvious and simple option is hunting the deer. This, however, is a very controversial approach because some people have a difficult time supporting the killing of innocent animals. The state government has the power to regulate deer hunting. In 1943, Ohio established a limited hunting program to decrease the number of deer. This allows hunters to kill about two hundred thousand deer each year. Although hunting appears to be the most effective way to solve the problem, people and scientists are exploring different more humane alternatives. One solution proposed was about making a type of birth control. This idea is better than hunting because it is permanent. Hunting is not permanent because it must be done every year. This alternative is not currently possible because there is not enough resources and energy being put into it.
The deer population will continue to grow and damage our environment until we find an effective, permanent method. There must be a spark of interest in the alternative methods in order to get more people’s energy put into the research. Until then hunting will prevail and we all must help to preserve our forests and native
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