Defeat Of Grendel's Pride In 'Beowulf'

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Beowulf is brave and grendel is spiteful. They both act out pride because Beowulf is an epic hero and most epic heros let the pride eat then. In other words it gets to their heads, which then hurts them in the end. Grendel has more of a vengeful pride. He killed Herot men for fun and because he was annoyed by their stories.
5. Beowulf’s defeat of Grendel might be described as the defeat of the “dark side because Grendel represents evil and darkness. He has been living in the darkness because of Cain. Beowulf represents light and goodness. Beowulf’s enemy being Grendel. He needed to defeat the darkness, which leads to the defeat of the “dark side”.
6. (a) An example from the epic in which the memory of Beowulf’s deeds inspire someone is when
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