Defectute Authority In The Leviathan, By Thomas Hobbes

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The Leviathan, written by Thomas Hobbes scrupulously argues that peace and unity among civilians and society can only be possible through the establishment of a commonwealth via a social contract According to Hobbes, any lasting political authority should be granted with absolute authority to ensure the well-being of the system. Throughout this essay I will identify and explain the main points of Hobbes’s argument against a divided authority, which he likens to a “Defectuous Procreation”. Firstly, Hobbes advocates that for a government (of any form) to be effective, they should possess absolute authority over all. The powers of legislation and enforcement for example must be neither divided nor limited. An effective government needs to establish and consistently maintain absolute authority for the safety the commonwealth, in so doing, the safety of the sovereign. If each individual is to decide for themselves whether to obey the government or not, uprisings and resistance against the government will occur, resulting in dissenting disagreements and civil war. Secondly, what is said to be actions of “goodness” and what is said to be actions of “evil”, are legislated by the civil law, who is representative of the Commonwealth. Hence, if every private individual was to be his own judge of what is good and evil, debates and disputes would arise concerning what the sovereign has decreed regarding actions in the prior regards. The commonwealth would thus be distracted and
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