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IN THE HEALTH CARE ALTERNATIVE RESOLUTION OFFICE OF FLORIDA NORTHCHASE NORTH PARCEL 45 COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, INC., a Florida not-for-profit corporation, Claimant, -vs- LINDSEY RICHMOND, SPTC 480 Central Region Road Suit B-3 Fort Myers, FL 32666 Defendant Healthcare Provider __________________________________ FACTS 1. The claimant is a resident of the State of Florida and all services were given to her by the Defendant in the State of Florida. 2. The Defendant is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor that is licensed by the State of Florida and regularly continue engaging in the practice of psychotherapy. Defendant sustains her principle office at 480 Central Region Road, Suite B-3, Fort Myers, Florida 32666. 3. The Claimant was a patient of the Defendant during the period of February, 2013 through May, 2013. 4. The Defendant owed a duty to Claimant to help sustain confidentiality and protect the affluent mental health records…show more content…
That on or about August 14, 2014, and continuing then thereafter the Defendant negligently breached the Florida Confidentiality of Medical Records Act codified in Florida Code 766-102 to 766-203 of the Health General Article and psychologist patient privilege codified at Fl. Code 766-380 of the courts and Judicial Proceedings Article by disclosing and introducing confidential and privileged diagnoses and treatment records of Claimant, including text messages exchanged between the parties, email, medical records, photos, without patients authorization nor consent. Said records were disclosed in the District Court of Florida for Seminole County and were the direct and proximate cause of all of the injuries sufficed and damages that was complained of
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