Defender Of Human Rights

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Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms to which all citizens are considered entitled the right to life, liberty, freedom of thought and expression, and equal treatment before the law and the government, among others. Human rights are important in the relationships that exist between individuals and the government that has power over them. These human rights are necessary to guarantee equality and justice to all citizens. Sometimes, human rights are violated or limited to a few. Therefore, it is essential to preserve them and to make sure they are available to all. Many individuals have dedicated their lives and are known as defenders of human rights. These people have put their lives in danger and have died in their fight for human rights. They have left their marks throughout history to teach us of the importance to defend and preserve all human rights. To begin with, one defender of human rights was Huey P. Newton. He was an African-American activist, best known for founding the militant Black Panther Party with Bobby Seale in 1966. Dr. Newton was born in Monroe, Louisiana on February 17, 1942 and was named after former governor Huey P. Long. In the mid 1960’s, Dr. Newton decided to pursue his education at Merritt College, during which time he received a month long prison term for assault, and later attended San Francisco School of Law. It was there where he met Bobby Seale. A famous picture shows Dr. Newton, holding a
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