Defending Marriage: Twelve Arguments For Sanity

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Anthony Esolen confronts every cliché and justification that seem to undermine the morality and social value as well as the civilizing influence of the traditional marriage in his book Defending Marriage: Twelve Arguments for Sanity. Esolen addresses the significant issues affecting marriages in America. The book is divided into 12 arguments. Esolen uses moral, theoretical, as well as cultural claims to defend the institution of marriage that he considers holy and ancient. He also brings into the spotlight, the issues the institution of marriage faces from present-day changes and the areas of public policy, sexual morality, and our laws. In this book, Esolen examines the pitfalls of gay marriages, and goes on to explain the history of the…show more content…
First Argument
Esolen’s first argument is that we should not give sexual revolution the force of irrevocable law. The contention joins marriage rights to a regularizing perfect of long‐term, monogamous, sexually reliable closeness, and shields marriage rights in view of the estimation of that perfect (2). Esolen says the unrest has made a joke of virtue virtuousness sense of pride, constancy and besides worship. He clarifies that across the board present day assault on marriage has expected a constraint that sums to a mix of social impacts that deny sentiment of its ponder and secretly celebrated in the considerable writers who respect the sublimity and supernatural occurrence of adoration. He refers to entries from The Winter’s Tale by Shakespeare and Epithalamion by Spenser in which they give a look at how eminent human love is that has
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Esolen’s idea is that both gay marriage and feminism ought to undermine the key role of marriage, which is to unite two people from the opposite sex who do not understand each other (29). Marriage is more or less of a bridge between the chasm of the two sexes and gay marriage as well as feminism or sex revolution blow up the bridge. Esolen explains that culture will not survive if the two sexes are not united. This is so because men and women complement each other emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Esolen explains that men and women are designed for each other, and he calls that the plain truth of nature. A man is a gift to a woman while a woman is a gift to a man and the gift cannot be separated from the difference in sexual being (36). However, the sexual revolution has degraded the perceptions men and women have for each other. They view one another as predators or objects of pressure, and they do not complement the dignity as well as the glory of the people of the opposite sex. Esolen argues that sexual revolution denounces the idea of gender as being intrinsic to the human nature whereby young people are encouraged to come up or craft whatever gender they feel comfortable to be. According to Esolen, God as well as nature did not wish for there to be single families, women to be in the military or men to be live without wives. On the other hand, sexual liberation has
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