Defense Military Pay Office Case Study

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SPC Kim's thirst for knowledge and attentiveness helped him develop as a cashier in the Disbursing section. Through numerous long days of hard work and dedication to the mission, he was able to effectively pay over $2.7 million for death gratuities with zero loss of funds. His loyalty and dependability combined with his ability to work without supervision, contributed greatly to the Unit’s success.

SPC Kim’s hard work and commitment to his unit while working in the processing section of the Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO) was exceptional. He processed over 25,000 documents with a 98.7% accuracy rate. SPC Kim remarkable military bearing and knowledge in understanding service members pay issues helped him service over 700 customers with commendable results
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SPC Kim coded over 3,000 documents within 98.4% accuracy rate, and sent over 1,500 notification of indebtedness letters in a timely manner to the service members of Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Ensuring each Service Member was informed of indebtedness.

SPC Kim's impact in the Commercial Vendor Services (CVS) Retrograde mission was outstanding. His diverse knowledge of understanding each sections roles and responsibility helped the mission timeliness in retrieving corrected and sufficient documents funds from Resource Management Offices and the Theater Vendor Support Cell. His ability to accurately process over 200 invoices in a timely manner shows his level of proficiency and
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