Defensive Basketball Speech

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Today I would like to inform you guys about the fundamentals of being a defensive basketball player. More specifically I want to teach you about three aspects of defensive basketball which are: Balance, Vision, and Hand Movement and Placement. So today we will discover how these three elements are guaranteed to make you a better defensive basketball play, but how it is also applied to being a good public speaker.

First thing I would like to cover with you is the importance of balance on the basketball court. According to Bruce Bowen who is a (3 time NBA Champion and made the NBA all defensive team 8 times), he says “One of the keys to being a great defender is having great balance. Also according to Michael Jordan the key to great balance is to, “Stay on the balls of your feet because if you are flat footed your reaction time will be off, and you need to be positioned like you are sitting in a chair.
After you have secured your balance the next thing you want to do is to position yourself to use your vision to watch your man and the ball at the same time. The key is to use your peripheral to watch the ball and the person you are guarding. According to Michael Jordan,
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The first step which is balance is to make sure your feet are shoulder length apart, and being sure you are low enough to where you look like you are sitting in a chair. Just like in this class how we are graded for having good and proper balance when presenting. When talking about vision you want to keep your eyes on both your opponent and the ball so you don’t lose your either the ball or your opponent, and while presenting you want to keep your eyes on the audience so you don’t lose them as well. Finally hand movement, with good hand movement you can affect your opponent 's decision making, and when this is applied to presentations it can amplify impact help keep your audience 's

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