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“Beowulf” is an epic poem about the person who gave all heroes a foundation. Beowulf exhibits that he is courageous and loyal; he has a lot of great characteristics. Beowulf is a hero who saved people he cared about by killing two evil people and he kept every person safe no matter who it was. My definition of heroism is when a person goes out of their way to help someone no matter who they are, they are exceptionally kind, courageous, and they stay loyal to the people they are helping they do not abandon them they follow through. Beowulf is a heroic man who is courageous and loyal for/to everyone.

Beowulf exemplifies how heroic he was by being rather courageous and loyal, after he killed Grendel. When Beowulf knew Grendel
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I perceive Beowulf as a hero and the person who sets goals for all heroes today. Other people distinguish him as the substandard guy; they believe he is not courageous nor loyal. He is reflected as a rather arrogant person especially when he states he will fight Grendel. Beowulf says “I do not consider myself a lesser fighter than Grendel does himself; therefore I will not kill him with a sword, and deprive him of life in that way- though I surely could.” (page 20) Once he states that, he shows that he is extremely conceited. Beowulf not only says he is stronger than everyone else but that he can kill Grendel with or without a sword. Therefore Beowulf then shows his true colors of how he is not a hero by depriving people of their lives. Beowulf is an immensely heroic person he has definitely set the foundation for all heroes today. If not for Beowulf then Grendel and his mother would have terrorized everyone and killed multiple people. Beowulf loyal and courageous enough to go up against two beasts that no one has ever beaten in the past. He does this with no sword and no armor to protect him; all he had was his strength and his wisdom. Beowulf is a heroic man who is courageous and loyal for/to
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