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Is my identity given to me, or is it created by me? It is extremely difficult to define the exact ingredients that compound such an abstract concept since selfness is one of the major factors of everyone’s personality conception. The distinction between what is inborn and what is acquire after birth has been debated for centuries because biology and culture reinforce one another. The debate Consisted on the contribution of nature and nurture to the formation of personal traits. In general, most People agree that identity exceeds the threshold of having only a first and last name. A lot of defining characteristic of our kind are the result of culture as well as biological development throughout our lives.
The formation of our identity
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As children, all of us consent to our parents’ choices. They decide everything without considering our opinions, so we grow up without any personal culture, but later on we end up by creating one. The relatives’ contribution is known as nature and nurture. Almost all of our traits are transmitted culturally, they pass from generation to generation by social learning, the same exact way. Due to our young age; consequentially, our identity is created by our entourage. In addition, many other factors affect our parents’ choices, like our gender for example since their choices are related to whether we are a boy or a girl. In Funny in Farsi, Firoozeh’s mother, Nazireth, is uneducated woman who was a product of her parents’ decision as well as her environment conditions. As a result of being a girl, every decision will only serve the fact that grown up she will be a successful home holder, ‘’ my mother, like most woman of her generation, had been only briefly educated. In her era, a girl’s sole purpose in life was to find a husband. Having an education ranked far below more desirable…show more content…
Identifying ourselves refers to being unique by our conception that makes us different from others. At any moment of a lifetime, identity can easily shift from the primary set up of ideas implanted by our parents to whom we really are. Last week while I was thinking about some examples for my essay, I randomly asked my manager about her identity. Her answer didn’t surprise me since I knew that she is a very proud lady; however, she insisted that her parents standards did help her to define herself in the beginning, yet grown up under their protection didn’t keep her from being the kind of person she became. She continued, ’I was very proud of myself, I always stood my ground, I defied my mother to make myself someone, and I really did.’’ The truth is that even though she conceived herself the way she had always dreamed, I felt that she had a small regret or rumor about daring her parents too much to create, develop, form, compose, plan, and set her identity. As we were talking, it was obvious that through the formation of herself, she was wrong and she knew that because at a certain moment she confessed that she completely lost connection with people. After all, she avowed that the people she

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