Define Success Essay: Self Determination And Success

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“Some people succeed because they are destined but most because they are determined” – Unknown Define success for yourself. Being determined doesn’t just happen of nowhere. Its comes from a strength of character that you build to succeed in the manner that you want to do succeed. Remember that the person’s idea of success is going to be incredibly different. Start with your fundamentals. Decide what exactly it means to succeed. Ask your self-question like: what you want to daydream about? How do you people see you? How would you like to make impact in the world? What you want to leave behind? Question like these will keep you figure out more clearly what success means to you and what determination will you gain. Consider what would make you happy rather than what makes people around you happy. If happiness for you is llama farm out in the middle of nowhere, then start considering how to make that reality. Set personal goals. Once you know what success means to you, you will need come up with the goals that will help you achieve that success. Its best to have a combination of big goals and small goals so that you are constantly accomplishing things which booster your determination to keep going. Develop specific strategies once you have the goals you want to achieve then it’s time to develop specific ways you’re going to achieve those goals. The more specific you plan the easier it will be to be determined when you have actionable steps to
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