Defining A Hero In Oliver Stone's Where I Find My Heroes

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Do you know what defines a hero? Fictional heroes are characters who go through a long process called the Hero's Journey. Real life heroes can be similar to the fictional ones. Heroes are the people who help and inspire others. Anyone in the world can be a hero if they inspire other people. In the article, "Where I Find My Heroes" by Oliver Stone, it explains, "People who take risks despite fears" are heroes. This statement shows the definition strategy, function because it tells you the role of a hero in society, is to take risks even if scared. Oliver Stone also in the article, calls the "teenager who says no to crack" a hero because they took a risk and could inspire other teenagers. This is an example because it shows the teenager is a hero. In the same article, the author tells us that heroes are not appreciated. Negation is what the quote is because it tells what a hero is not. Heroes can inspire people by doing simple things and become a role model. …show more content…

In the poem,"When Ure Hero Falls" by Tupac Shakur, it has the lines,"u taught me 2 be strong but i'm confused 2 c u so weak" which shows Tupac's hero fell and wasn't perfect. This is another example of function because it shows that heroes are people who help others be good. The article also claims that Tupac's hero does not give up. This is negation because because it shows that heroes do not give up. In the article,"Where I Find My Heroes" by Oliver Stone the author calls "George Washington and General Cluster and Abraham Lincoln" heroes because they did many things. This shows the strategy example because this quote tells you who heroes are. Heroes are important to people because they are

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