Defining A Hero's Overcoming Obstacles In Life

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What are heroes? A hero is and isn’t many things, but what defines a hero as a hero? To define a hero you need to have examples, of a hero. Defining a hero in many different ways lets you know what a hero does, and doesn’t do. Examples along with the functions and negations providing you with more information, on what a hero is. Although without those examples and information, a hero is actually what you define a hero as. A hero is someone who inspires others to overcome obstacles, they never stop continuing their journey as a hero and never give up. A hero inspires others in many different ways. There are many ways a hero inspires others, but realizing that hero’s overcame obstacles in life. Heroes set good examples for us to follow, and…show more content…
When situations are tough, heroes don’t give up so easily, but if they give up they’re not a hero. Joe Vigiano didn’t give up on 911, he wanted everyone out of there even if, the safety of others costs his own life. On the day of, 911, Joe Vigiano a police officer was in a risky and tough situation, but he chose to stay and not give up on others who are in the building. Ordinary people can become heroes if they do something good, even if the challenge is difficult, and they don’t give up. Abraham Lincoln is a hero, for doing many things. One thing in particular, he did was when he freed the slaves from enslavement. Abraham Lincoln enforced the 13th amendment to end slavery, although the case was difficult he kept on going. Lincoln made his “Peoria Speech” in court about his opposition on slavery and won. There are many examples of a hero, but this one in particular is real, and helped people nationwide. In conclusion, what defines a hero? An example of a hero would be Abraham Lincoln because he is one man who resolved a large issue, and people define him as a hero. Abraham Lincoln was a regular man, he saw the large issue and wanted the best for others, even through the difficult times he still persisted and inspired others to do good and not give up. Everything about a hero is about opinions, people decide what a hero is and isn’t. Now that you know how heroes are chosen, you can become one, or spot someone who

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