Defining Beauty: The Definition Of Beauty

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Beauty has continuously been used to describe a certain thing in association with its feature and appearance. However, people states that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and based on the proverb itself, the description of beauty varies to how an individual perceives it. This also means that beauty can be identified in distinct ways, depending on the preference of an individual. Beauty has a wide range of description. Individuals tend to look at beauty in the forms of having traits in a person that often provides satisfaction or that can be appealing to our sense of sight. In early times, Greeks were the first to describe what the concept of beauty is all about. Greeks believed that being simple is the best way to look beautiful. In addition, women do not conceal their natural beauty; instead they reveal them. Looking at our own modern society, the way an individual look plays a critical role because most of the time people have the tendency to make judgement. Society also tells people that modern day of beauty focuses more on to the physical beauty, which are linked with outward appearance and attractiveness rather than the characteristics of an individual; thus, there is a misconception about beauty. Beauty can be classified into two categories, external and internal. External beauty refers to having a slender look from head to toe as well as other physical aspects. In her article, What Makes a Woman Beautiful, Nancy Morgan (2005) emphasizes that there are two
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