Defining Beauty: The Definitions Of Beauty

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Nowadays, people have many definitions about beauty. Some people define beauty as confidence to being themselves. They believe it appear when a particular individual is beautiful without wearing a right cloth and using a lot of makeup. Some people believe beauty appear on a person who has a good soul and heart such as kind hearted, hardworking, tolerance, cooperative and other good values. People who did something good to other or society without requesting payback is considered as beauty too. People who willing sacrifice them for other because of love are also consider beauty. Besides, some people also defines beauty as that which brings pleasure to themselves when they look at a person’s looks that is based on physical looking of human.…show more content…
Beauty not only in the eye of the beholder because it not only decried for what one person finds beautiful with eyes but also in other sense, such as nose , mouse , ear, skin etc. For examples, breathing fresh air in the morning, tasting a fresh orange juice, listening a favorable song, watching animas or playing online games. The experience of beauty not only through our eyes but our whole body, our experience, our soul and our heart. So, it is difficult for a certain define what beauty is because beauty is subjective. As the words of Confucius, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it” (Levin, 2013). In other words, if society define the meaning of beauty or said one thing is beautiful does not mean it is correct. Everyone have they own define of beauty and it depend on themselves. Besides, there are many theory of beauty that have great influence in our society. However, the most influence of theory does not mean it is right unless we accept and let it be. Beauty is an abstract concept which mean there is no certain define meaning of it. Maybe there is a theory of beauty accepted by society but it also may gradually rejected by people after they have their own define of beauty. Beauty will be what you decide it is, it depend on personal believe. Besides, attractive of beauty is a chemical reaction in our brain. It is control by opioid receptor which in human brain region. The main function of opioid receptors are control the amount of opioid morphine in our brain, in other words, it controls the level of attractive of beauty. The opioid receptors take important role in human evolution. It helps in in human attachment and bonding. It also helps human species more easies choose the attractive partners who have better genetic inheritance than less attractive people. It is explains why male always look for beautiful female and why female

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