Defining Happiness Essay: The Meaning Of Life

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The meaning of life is something that philosophers have questioned for centuries. Not only philosophers are interested in answering this question; the average person wonders as well. Much of the population would say the meaning of life is to be happy. But what defines happiness? Who’s to say what happiness truly is; and how could we possibly achieve it? To see happiness, we must view it from different angles to truly figure out what entails happiness.
The argument posed seemed to be simple. If life is meaningless, life is absurd. But life isn’t absurd. Therefore, it isn’t meaningless. One I began to think about it, I realized even figuring out what type of argument it was constituted much difficulty. First, we need to look at the type of arguments
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If life was meaningless, it would be absurd to keep on living. This would put us into a substantial amount of misery. But how could we ever know what the meaning of life is? Who’s to say we even know that we are living life properly right now? The idea that life is meaningless seems a little odd to me.
Most people were taught the meaning of life is to be happy. But where do we find happiness? What is happiness? According to Miriam-Webster’s dictionary, happiness is defined as “a state of well-being and contentment”. But how does society define what wellbeing is? This is where the idea of relativism comes in to play. Relativism is the idea that everything is relative to the culture that we were raised in. Meaning, everything we know is a social construct passed down to us for generations.
If everything is a social construct that would make happiness obsolete. Therefore, rendering the meaning of life obsolete as well. But if relativism is true, why do many people find happiness outside of these societal norms? For example, I was raised to believe that having tattoos and piercings was wrong. Even though I was taught to not find happiness in them I
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