Defining Modernism: Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright By: Maryam Al-Mughaizwi 2872015 Introduction The process of defining modernism has been considered complex. It is considered less rational as a style, since its boundaries appear looser as compared to classicism. Many critics would come have with contradicting view that modernism is can be classified differently rather than a style, but an amalgamation of aesthetics and receptivity. A good example is Frank Lloyd Wright who vehemently went against the grouping of a style but perceived his work as the modernist architecture. In fact, he believed that he brought eh change that is already existing in this platform. According to autobiographers, born rank Lincoln Wright in 1867, Frank Lloyd Wright was the eldest son of William Russell Cary and Anna Lloyd John Wright. His father intended to make him a musician at an early stage but it was his mother who led him into architecture; an art he was to later influence largely. His mother developed the architectural passion in him by acquiring a Frederick Goebel Kindergarten system for him and hanging cathedral prints in his room. Wright, at age 18, enrolled at the University of Wisconsin to study engineering but was to later drop out and get employed by the Joseph Lyman Silsbee architectural firm based in Chicago. His passion for architecture saw him leave Joseph Lyman for the most progressive architectural firm of his time; Adler and Sullivan. One of the proprietors of Adler and Sullivan, Louis Sullivan, was

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