Definition Essay: What Is Beauty?

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Nowadays people are drawn to the use of cosmetic surgery, makeup, pills, supplements, and other products to enhance their physical appearance. In general, people spend a lot of money to cover their insecurities by changing their appearance to become “beautiful”. Beauty can be defined differently amongst people since their idea of pleasing is different as well. As described in the Merriam Webster’s dictionary, beauty is the quality of being physically attractive and/or the qualities of a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind. In other words, beauty is what is appealing. With this, there is usually a misconception that beauty is only measured in physical terms. However, people need to realize is that beauty does not only pertain to the physical appearance of someone, it also pertains to their character and personality.
We tend to solely define beauty a physical trait. People describe beauty based on their face or body. Whether a person is slim, chubby, or fat determines if a person is beautiful or not. The way a person dresses a certain way determines if a person is beautiful or not. How a person carries themselves determines if a person is beautiful or not. A person that has a pretty face, that is slim, that wears presentable clothing, and that is poised is seen to be the most beautiful.
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If the cover doesn 't catch their attention they will not bother to read what 's inside.” Men don’t give women a chance in a relationship if they think that the girl isn’t attractive on the outside. They get so caught up in the physical appearance of women that they disregard the possibility that the girl could be an amazing person. For instance, my classmate is an amazing person, but she is never given the chance to be with someone. In contrast to makeup, cosmetic surgery, or other enhancers, personality is not something that can be covered up. Personality is pure. Personality is
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