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Nowadays people are drawn to the use of cosmetic surgery, makeup, pills, supplements, and other products to enhance their physical appearance. In general, people spend a lot of money to cover their insecurities by changing their appearance to become “beautiful”. Beauty can be defined differently amongst people since their idea of pleasing is different as well. As described in the Merriam Webster’s dictionary, beauty is the quality of being physically attractive and/or the qualities of a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind. In other words, beauty is what is appealing. With this, there is usually a misconception that beauty is only measured in physical terms. However, people need to realize is that beauty does not only…show more content…
In shows such as “The Biggest Loser” and “What Not to Wear”, men and women are praised for changing their appearance and are told that they “have never looked better!” When we focus on the outside we forget to care about what is on the inside. After all, what would you be with a beautiful face, perfect body, and closet full of designer clothing if your heart was empty? I notice that when people change their physical appearance their personality changes as well. Kim Kardashian is a great example of this. It is no surprise that she has had multiple cosmetic surgeries to change her appearance, but I can also see how she acts as if she is better than everyone. Kim may be beautiful on the outside, but inside she is stuck up and snotty. Beauty isn 't skin deep. We often forget that beauty has two forms: external and internal. Rather than only focusing on changing what is on the outside, we need to focus on the inside as well because beauty is more than skin deep. This is called “inner beauty”. Personality, attitude, the way of thinking, actions, and intelligence are all traits that are classified as inner beauty. These traits matter more than what is on the outside. My classmate who is said to be ugly and too skinny is a great person. She may not have the prettiest face, but she is utterly kind and she has a big heart; for this, she is

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