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As humans, we have a connection to people of the world based solely on our physical and chemical makeup of being a living, breathing human being. These bonds are almost instinctual; Being humans is something that we all relate too and experience every day, some experiences differ from others, but all needs are similar. We as people of this earth depend on human connections and interactions to fulfill our need for emotional well-being. There are many different versions of this relationship we seek, some stemming from blood connections like family or even just strangers that we have a common interest with. However, what connects more people than all others I believe is what we call culture. So, you may ask what is culture? Culture is a term that can describe many different things all…show more content…
The concept of music is a definition that is not universally agreed upon and changes from place to place and even from person to person. With that being said though, I can define music as anything that has some sort of noise being produced naturally or generated electronically that forms a rhythm or pattern, often accompanied by voice. However, others like to think that music can even take the form of an activity that people use to instill a sense of comradery among its participants. Personally, I belong to many different cultures, musically however is where this diversity slims significantly. The musical culture of country music is one that I identify with as many others do from my hometown. I grew up in a small town with a population of less than twenty-thousand. Most people from my hometown enjoy at least some country music and it is not uncommon to hear it in stores or events. The reasons I think I can relate to this culture so well is because of the upbringing I had. As children, our minds are moldable to almost anything; Much of our character is formed based on examples that we see in our everyday lives and so I feel that is part of the reason why the

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