What Does Happiness Mean To Me Analysis

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I believe that happiness is more than a feeling it is the summer sun, the beach, ice cream or just whatever makes you feel good. For some people happiness is getting to eat or getting a dollar. For others it could be counting millions and riding in a Mercedes Benz. So happiness could be defined in many different meanings but there are always three things that to me define happiness very well and they are, being around the people you love, being grateful and doing good things for other people. When I am with my friends and family it’s just like no other feeling because no one understands you as they do. That’s why we are more comfortable with our loved ones because we can act ourselves around them. If you want to be happy then you have to feel grateful for your…show more content…
There are people in life that will try to hurt you and bring you down you just have to try and nor focus on them because they’re not important. Then there are people who aren’t grateful for anything and they just need to have everything their way and if it’s not then they will throw a hissy fit until it is. What these people need to understand is sure you may not always get exactly what you want but you have to think of it on a larger scale you could be living on the streets. I’m sure whatever living situation you are in it’s not half as bad as living on the streets. Even some homeless people are happy just to be alive that is the type of mentality I want. Just remember there is always someone who has it much worse than you so be grateful. What I think is the worst is when people think it’s okay to not care about anyone either than themselves. If you do not care about anybody other than yourself nothing good is ever going to happen to you and you will never be happy. Happiness has nothing to do with your own personal gain because guess what it’s not all about
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