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Heroes can be men, women, animals, or even objects that inspires your soul and mind. The world of heroes is a huge world full of dreams and challenges that anyone can be part of if it he believed in his abilities. “Hero” is a simple word with many great and valuable meanings; he is the one who faces his challenges and obstacles without any fear or worry, as Zachary Hamby says that “Obstacles make them stronger, preparing them for their final showdown” (3). When people think of heroes they imagine supernatural creatures that god have created to save their lives from danger. A hero is an example of courage, insistence, and selfness. Heroes didn’t become great and popular characters suddenly, they worked hard and believed that in one day they…show more content…
The famous psychologist Carl Jung was quoted by Allison and Goethals as saying, “what you resist persists” (“Hero Stories Give” 3). This explains that whatever heroes fight against will continue to exist and won’t be beaten easily, but with their great perseverance and intense faith they will be able to reach their goals and destroy their enemies. Insistence doesn’t only appear when heroes beat their enemies, it appears more when they’re beaten from their enemies or when they face their challenges. In the article “how hero stories energize us”, Joseph Campbell said, “learn to recognize the positive values in what appear to be the negative moments and aspects of your life” (Allison and Goethals 2-3), this clarifies that obstacles are necessary in heroes journey as they’re the ones which strengthen their spirits and increase their insistence, and that heroes’ losses are essential to produce their gains. The famous psychologist Philip Zimbardo, in his TED Talk (Youth at Midwest), included a short video of Barak Obama as saying, “Heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.” This shows that heroes are normal persons not supernatural creatures like people imagine, but the huge persistence on reaching their goals leads them to do these extraordinary

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