Definition Essay About Love

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Everyone has been in love at one time or another. It could be for a person, a pet or an object. That is love. A feeling that cannot be seen. People experience love at different intensities. It can make you feel like you are at the top of the world and at the bottom of the pit in a matter of seconds. For some, the search for love seems like an endless process that seem to span over a lifetime while others seem to casually fall in and out of it on a regular basis. We can love anything, there is no right or wrong to that. However, here, love refers to two people. I call it romantic love. An indescribable feeling that connects two souls together to form a special bond. Many choose to say that love is inherently free. To me, love comes with
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We would often get into quarrels at every failed attempt when we tried to convince our parents about our relationship. Those were times where we made hurtful remarks and comments to each other. Despite that, I was still able to love him unconditionally. As humans, we often make mistakes along the way and keeping track of his mistakes was the last thing I did. Instead, I loved unconditionally. I overlooked the flaws and the bad days and focused on the good ones. I was motivated to be the best I could by constantly keeping him happy. To me, loving unconditionally meant that I had to love him under all conditions and forgiving him by seeing past any anger or resentment I had towards him.
However, reality soon struck when we realized we were not able to overcome our biggest obstacle. Coming from a Muslim family, it was hard for his parents to accept the fact that their son, who was dating a Christian girl, had intentions of marrying her and vice versa. For years, we struggled to get acceptance but things did not seem to get any better. Instead, a sudden turn of events made it harder for us. At this point, love was inflicting more pain than pleasure. We were happy, but our parents were not, and that was really hard for
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