Definition Essay About Lust

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Lust is defined as a strong, self-indulgent sexual desire, and also as having a craving, appetite, or great need for something. The simple definition of Lust is having a self-absorbed desire for an object, person or experience. Mason Cooley an American aphorist once said, “Love begins with an image; Lust with a sensation.” Lust has been around since beginning of the time. It can also be trace back to the time of Adam and Eve, the original sin being the first sign of lust in human nature. Lust is often described as strong sexual desires, though this is not always the case. It is true of course, lust accounts for sex and sexual desires, but there is also lust for other things, such as money, power and food. When we are in a state of lust, we place the object of our desire above all the other things in our lives. So where does lust come…show more content…
Many people including myself see lust simply as a natural thing; lust is just another way for an individual to express themselves. Sexuality is a topic that can make many uncomfortable when in reality it is only natural, making someone feel uncomfortable when expressing their sexuality or their lust could be compared to making someone feel bad for being hungry . Instead we should be open to discuss and express our lust in healthy, responsible and respectful ways. This would be very healthy for the human spirit. Lust should be embraced and seen as one of the many gifts from God. Lust in a non - sexual sense is also good because it helps us realize, what we really want, and in the long run we will be happier and better people if we can realize and get what we want. Simon Elkeles said, “I believe in lust at first sight, and attraction, but not love”. For some love and desire is confusing, but lust can be their north star to guide them to what they
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