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In life you’re going to make mistakes, but it’s up to you to learn from the mistakes that you made. Admitting your wrong doings can be a bit tough. Learning from mistakes can be a good or a bad thing. Putting yourself in situations where you have the self-confidence to own up to it can be a mistake you can learn from in a good way. Once you realize what you have done, you can avoid making the same mistakes again. There are 4 kinds of mistakes. Those 4 mistakes include being stupid, simple, involved, and complex. Being stupid means you are out of your body for no apparent reason. Simple defines you as you’re realizing what you have done wrong before you have done wrong. Simple mistakes are sometimes understandable, because everybody makes mistakes once in a while. Being complex means that you have made the worst mistake possible, and there is no way that problem can be solved. Examples such as bad relationships, failing courses, or not being satisfied with the outcome of certain things. The kind of mistakes you make defines your personality. The worst the…show more content…
Attending classes on a daily basis when I first attended college wasn’t all too well. I had personal problems going on that I was worried about, not knowing that my school work was getting a overload on me. Walking into MS. Bailey’s class hearing that I had an essay due within a week. Me being lazy, and dragging around having other things on my mind, I decided to do my paper at the last minute. I couldn’t think of anything good to write being that I wanted the best grade possible. I’m not the best in English, I never was throughout my high school years. Although my professor did cover the material needed to pass the essay, I decided to go the easy way and find a paper online to match my topic. I knew it was wrong, so that mistake could be defined as simple as well. I let my outside problems interfere with my work, and I shouldn’t

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