Definition Essay About Names

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What are names and why do we have them? There are many forms of names and an abundance of ways we interpret them. Some names are simple, and some are complex, and some things have multiple names. The one main similarity about all names is that people give everyone and everything a name. People name things from galaxies to their pet fish, to the street they live on, but when I think of a name I usually think of the ones given to people. Almost every name has a meaning and origin from which it was created. In most names there are three different parts; the first name, middle name, and last name. First names are the main type of names that we call people by. First names are extremely important for communication among people. People derive their kids’ first names from family members, to celebrities, to simply ones trending in their culture during that time period. After some years of life many people receive a nickname, which could be a shortened version of their first name or something completely unrelated. My given first name is William, but I have always been referred to as “Will.” William is taken from the Ancient Germanic name “Willahelm;” Will meaning…show more content…
In my experiences, a middle name is usually the last name I find out about a person, and it seems to me, in some cases, it is the one many people are somewhat embarrassed about. In contrast, some people prefer to use their middle names as first names, if they happen to like their middle name better. In complete contrast to that, some people have no middle name at all. Middle names are usually more uncommon than first names, and sometimes it is the parents’ second choice for a first name. My middle name is Richard, which comes from the Ancient Germanic word parts of ric, meaning “power, rule” and hard, which means “brave, hardy.” My parents took this name from another of my uncles named
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