Definition Essay: An American Hero

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An American Hero
Some things just do not exist and never will, it is just how life goes. The idea of America having one hero, The American Hero, does not exist. America cannot have one hero, one person to be grateful for, one person who has provided protection or one person who has helped improve it. It is impossible for America to be grateful for only one person when America was built by thousands if not millions. Heroes are not the ones with superpowers, capes, or fame. None of these things are required to be a hero and neither of them are what make a hero. A hero is someone considerate, brave, honest, and above all selfless. America does not have one hero it is lucky enough to have several that impact America on a daily basis no matter how
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This fact may break the hearts of those praising Superman or Lincoln, but it is reality. America is not grateful for one person, but millions. Thanks to millions of people America has progressed to where it is today. America has improved, expanded, and helped other countries. It is impossible for this enormous country to give all its thanks to one person. This country is home to millions as it was built by millions. Saving lives, superpowers, fame none of this makes a person a hero and none of it matters. Just helping another person because they are in need, that is a hero. Just being motivated to help someone for their sake, that is a hero. Just being brave enough take a risk for another person, that is a hero. It does not matter how big the task was to help someone. There is not one hero in America and that is one of the greatest facts that should be known. America should be appreciate the fact that it can thank millions of people for everything. There are over millions of heros and maybe only a fraction of them receive recognition. It is up to the rest of America to not just focus on the recognized heroes, the people need to look around and realize they are surrounded by
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