Definition Essay: Civil Disobedience In The United States

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Personally, I believe that civil disobedience is a lot more than what is included in its definition. My definition of civil disobedience does not only include the peaceful resistance of public laws, but also the disagreement with laws that do not directly affect American life. Civil disobedience should not only be defined as peaceful protest, but as other actions where Americans can stand up for what they believe in, even if there are no consequences. Writing letters, emailing, or even posting on social media should also be considered as forms of disobedience. All citizens should stand up for what they believe in, even when it’s against government views, to protect their own freedom. As Americans, we are entitled to our right to speak out for ourselves, guaranteed to us by the First Amendment. We are entitled to hold these peaceful protests and write non-threatening letters to our representatives. As Americans, we have the right to have an influence on how the government conducts itself. These views bring me to believe that the only way to maintain our free society is to practice civil disobedience. A group called Soulforce is a LGBT+ civil rights group that was founded in 1998. It has led multiple “Equality Ride” tours over the…show more content…
In 1955, Rosa Parks singlehandedly set a movement forward by refusing to give her seat up to a white man. This showed other African Americans that, even though she went to jail for it, it is important to stand up (or remain seated) in support of what you believe in. Many began following her example. In 2009, a Greenpeace activist scaled a crane in order to demand climate change be recognized by political leaders (and all people) around the world. Two years later, four hundred climate change activists sang during a Congress sit-in after nine activists were arrested for singing in protest of the oil drilling and land
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