Definition Essay: Happiness Has A Broad Meaning Of Happiness

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Happiness has a broad meaning. One may consider it to be having money, love, or even just enjoying the little things in life. There is no real definition for happiness because it all depends on a person 's perspective of life. Happiness is more about the way you think and act rather than a material possession. It is not something that has a physical form, or that is worth something valuable, yet everybody seeks it. Happiness is all around you; it is not hard to seek because it is everywhere, but you can easily miss it if you don’t stop and enjoy it. The study of happiness goes back hundreds of years. Socrates studied it and discovered that through human effort happiness is attainable and teachable. Also, if the soul learns to redirect from physical pleasures to virtue, then it helps lead a person down the road to true happiness. He concluded that virtue and happiness…show more content…
A person undergoes a happiness advantage when their positivity level soars in the present, which will result in your brain, at positive, performing notably better than at stressed, negative, or neutral (Achor, 2016). A person’s energy, intellect, and creativity improve when a happiness advantage takes place. In fact, Shawn discovered that at positive, your brain is 31% more efficient. Doctors are 19% quicker and precise in diagnosing the correct problem (Achor, 2016). This means that the formula can be reversed. All that has to be done is that in the present, we become positive. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that fills your brain when you are positive. It activates all the learning centers, and it makes you happier. As a result, the more dopamine a person has present, the more sufficient and happy the person will be. We have to retrain our brain so that the formula for happiness can be reversed. It will not only generate waves of positivity, but it will produce a radical alteration in our society (Achor,

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