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Who is a hero? Most people say Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, and many more. In one word describe a hero. Super powers, strength, heroic, etc. well that is not true a hero can be an everyday person. Hero is a person that help and saves other people, it can everyday person, a hero I someone that never gives up and is always there when you need them.
“Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary” Gerard Way. When I read this quote I think you got to step up and thrust himself in who you are and believe in yourself. Like superman he had to step up his “game” and help the other people, and he is one of many other super heroes another one is Abraham Lincoln because he guided the United States of America through some of its hardest times. He fought for the freedom of African-Americans. Without him, slavery might still be practiced in what would have been the Confederacy. My mom is another type of hero, she might not be mentioned in the news or have super powers, but to me she is a hero because she is a mother of three kids and is hard to come from another country not speaking the language and a single mom.
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A hero is not a follower, he is not selfish, evil, a hero never gives up, and they never get tired of what they do. A hero does not fear death. Example
What IS a hero? a hero is some that never gives up, takes care of people before themselves, they are always there when you need them, they are always looking forward and nobody letting them down. They don 't let comments bring them down, they are beware of their surroundings. Heroes are courageous, responsible, dedicated, compassionate, selfless, valorous trustworthy, intelligent, disciplined, charismatic, loyal, kind, caring, strong, determined, ingenious, faithful, generous, inspiring, noble, relentless, fearless, self-sacrificing, valiant, strong, moral, wise, daring, clever, humble, bold, virtuous, honorable,

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