Definition Essay: How Do Americans View Agriculture In The Midwest?

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How do Americans view agriculture in the Midwest? Most people think of a row crop farmer, corn and soybean producers or a livestock production farmer, beef and pork producers? Agriculture is the science, art, or occupation concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, and raising livestock, according to the dictionary. The key word in this definition is “concerned”. Anything concerned with agriculture as a whole is, in fact, under the agriculture definition. Farming is the act of growing crops and or raising animals. Agriculture is more than just putting seed in the ground or raising an animal, it takes many more people who specialize behind the scenes. Agriculture relies on truck drivers, mechanics, farmers, biological researchers and the latest technologies, much like a doctor relies on nurses, receptionists, and medical researchers. A truck driver is essential in the agricultural world for many reasons, one being during harvest season they…show more content…
Biological Researchers are key in the animal sector of agriculture. They are becoming more important as we have to provide for more people. This world has not reached its cap, therefore this world can not stop being resourceful. Biological researchers in agriculture play a big part in finding and keeping the genetics of certain production animals to keep the producing effective. Researchers have developed technology and the ways to take certain chromosomes and incorporate them into a genome sequence to obtain the genetic outcome that they want. For example, cow A and bull B make a calf that has a bad growth rate, but other good qualities. A biological researcher will take one chromosome out of sixty and replace it with a different one. Then the calf may now be able to have a good growth rate and the other good qualities as well. It is quite a complicated process, and slightly scary, but a really cool concept. Biological researchers are playing a larger and larger role in the agricultural

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