Definition Essay: My Discourse In The United States

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My Discourse Communicating is something we all do as human beings. However, it is something that varies from different group to group. Even people belonging to the same language can have different discourses from each other. It all depends on the demographic they are from and what social group they are in. This can affect all aspects of their communication such as the spoken word, their writing, and their gestures. For example my group of friends would not have the same exact way of expressing things as a group of friends somewhere else in the United States. Discourse is something so complex and versatile that it can give the same spoken word different meanings. The way we speak is all different. Some prefer to speak in what is known as proper English and other rather speak in a more colloquial fashion. Proper English is when a person uses the dictionary meaning for words when they speak. They also speak in a manner that would be deemed appropriate if it was written down. The person speaking in a more colloquial fashion is someone who uses slang words or terms within their communication. This would be like telling a friend that they are “thirsty” for a girl’s attention because they badly want it. In my group of peers we tend to speak in more of an improper form. We constantly use slang terms…show more content…
You can also see it through their writing. The biggest clues are in what words they use to describe certain things. For my peers and I we tend to switch up how we write depending on the situation we are in. If the writing is for communicating a message to a friend. It is usually filled with words and phrases we improperly use. If the writing is intended to show our viewpoint or ideas in a professional light, it includes writing that is proper in terms of grammatically correct use of words and structure. The written aspect of discourse really changes depending who your target audience is when
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