Definition Essay On Being Brave

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What makes a person brave and how can the word bravery be defined? If I dared you to jump off an airplane and you did; would you call that bravery or not? Sometimes being brave requires you forgetting about the consequences/ feelings and doing something you don’t feel comfortable with. Being brave can be many things; for example, presenting in front of class or riding an extremely tall roller-coaster or even standing up to a bully, yet not everyone knows that the word brave actually has come a long way. Now According to Webster’s New Pocket Dictionary the word brave means “full of courage” (41). The word brave has been around since the 15th century, and it started from Middle French brave, "splendid, valiant," from Italian bravo "brave, bold," originally "wild, savage," possibly from Medieval Latin bravus"cutthroat, villain," from Latin pravus "crooked, depraved;" a less likely etymology being from Latin barbarus (Harper). These words used to describe the definition of brave all sound barbaric and tough. Almost as heroic in some kind of way. In the article courage and cowardice on New York times said, “A man may be brave, absolutely fearless, and yet lack courage; not moral courage, but…show more content…
In one of my favorite book Divergent by Veronica Roth, she describes bravery as being the humble and selfless as you can be. The lead character Four states that “selflessness and bravery aren’t all that different.” (Roth 336). Bravery can be when you endanger yourself forget about what bad can happen to you just to help or protect another. For example, Women are brave when they must give birth to a child. Doctors are brave when they do surgeries because they don’t really know if the surgery will end all wrong. And teachers are brave because they sacrifice their money and time to improve their skills and help others. Being brave is taking a risk to sacrifice something of your own to make life easier for someone
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